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Does this sound like yourself? (St, Aug area)

Vote this POLL for Donald Trump being your favorite candidate pic

All We Need (Looking for St Aug)

Republicans & Independents Unite Greetup Social (Duval/St Johns/Clay Counties) pic map

moving sale (palm coast florida) pic map


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RE:crackers for trump[high on PB beer,uneducated,racist, liberal] (dab > CAN'T EVEN COMPOSE A SIMPLE SENTENCE....) map

Blackies/Wetbacks...Listen up...Lol. (oca > villages) map

Canary (jax > Jacksonville) map

How to fix America's heath care crisis (jax > Jacksonville) map

Socialism alive, well and working in Tennessee (jax > Jacksonville) map

FDR on trickle down economics (jax > Jacksonville) map

Bernie Sanders explains Democratic Socialism (jax > Jacksonville) map

crackers for trump. map

Wanted: Citizens Sick of Unaccountable Gov. Agencies??? (dab > Volusia) map

Don't go to the house pic map

tri blue nose pups (dab > Deltona, Fl) pic map

3rd Party (dab > USA) map

South leads the nation in minimum wage jobs (jax > Jacksonville) map

RE: wilbur brock pic map

Does any CEO deserve $9,000 per hour ?+ (jax > Jacksonville) map

Protect American Jobs (jax > Jacksonville) map

Plutocracy wins big (jax > Jacksonville) map

Donations Needed (oca > Ocala) pic map

Socialism is as American as apple pie (jax > Jacksonville) map

The business case for single payer (jax > Jacksonville) map

Re: For all of you idiots who voted Democrat (jax > Jacksonville) map

Geopolitics | Finance | Self | Travel pic map

Democrat party in socialism /communism/KKK map

for all you idiots that voted democrat you screwed me and my wife map

Sanders support New Deal-style jobs plan (jax > Jacksonville) map

A country breaking down (jax > Jacksonville) map

need someone to clean this evening map

Long live Ole Miss....Lmao!...bout time! (oca > leesburg) map

TPP Would Double Down on NAFTA's Economic Devastation (jax > Jacksonville) map

Why Bernie is right about Glass-Steagall (jax > Jacksonville) map

Right to work for less (jax > Jacksonville) map

Americans need a basic income (jax > Jacksonville) map

Garage Sale map

GOD BLESS OBAMA the best president EVER!! (dab > real world) pic map


Right-wing lies vs New Deal Truth (jax > Jacksonville) map

Overtime: A lifeline for overworked Americans (jax > Jacksonville) map

blue brindle (gnv > Gainesville fl) pic map

The Reagan-Clinton sell out of Main Street America (jax > Jacksonville) map

Debunking hysteria about budget deficits and debt (jax > Jacksonville) map

Does Citizens United ruling allow foreign corporations to own U.S. ? (jax > Jacksonville) map

What is Economic Democracy ? (jax > Jacksonville) map

Are both parties pawns to mega corporations ? (jax > Jacksonville) map

A Christian case for Bernie Sanders & socialism (jax > Jacksonville) map

Let's rebuild our roads and bridges (jax > Jacksonville) map


How American jobs are outsourced (jax > Jacksonville) map

pitbull pup pic map

Polls shows Americans think rich should pay more taxes (jax > Jacksonville) map

The Real Welfare Queens (jax > Jacksonville) map

Re:..Fuck Trump...Village Idiot (oca > leesburg) map

Fact sheet on the $15 minimum wage (jax > Jacksonville) map

America needs a New WPA (jax > Jacksonville) map

Socialist Party Platform of 1912 (jax > Jacksonville) map

Obama indoctrinated cop hater shoots cop in the back 6 times. (dab > Blacks r violent cop haters & democrats.) map

GOOOOOOOO,TRUMP!..Hillary plays.. (oca > leesburg) map

Why raising the retirement age is a terrible area (jax > Jacksonville) map

Where the rich hide their money (jax > Jacksonville) map

Bernie or Bust, Yes ! (jax > Jacksonville) map

Adolf Obama quoting from the Koran(youtube video) (dab > Democrat news center) map

Russian Jets buzzing our navy ships and laughing @ Adolf Obama (dab > World leaders know Obama is muslim pussy) map

Cum burpin dumpster slut Obama types trash war monument in florida (dab > Democrat douchenozzles r evil haters) map

ISIS taking credit for kicking Obama's ass/Obama most disgraceful prez (dab > Democrat News) map

Die democrat scum pic map

Even WSJ now saying free trade isn't so great (jax > Jacksonville) map

The conservative case for a higher minimum wage (jax > Jacksonville) map

Fight for $15 ! Workers will flood the streets on Thursday (jax > Jacksonville) map

Ormond democrat likes sending threaten emails (dab > libs r dangeroushigh on propaganda) map

Liberal like Jesus Baby!! (dab > Deadtona) pic map

Liberal Propaganda does not deceive people (it helps them to deceive t (dab > it helps them to deceive themselves) map

What's da 1st thing a little democrat says after losing her virginity (dab > Get off me Dad,ur crushing my obama phon) map

Trump is a big cry baby (dab > ormond beach) map

The essence of propaganda (dab > da press, and censored all opposition) map

Volusia County Sheriff Elections map

Worker cooperatives are more productive than normal businesses (jax > Jacksonville) map

Why Bernie Sanders is right about the big banks (jax > Jacksonville) map

National Day of Action for Worker Justice (jax > Jacksonville) map

Trump supporters wanted map

Bernie Sanders calls for Medicare for All (jax > Jacksonville) map

America's wealth gap (jax > Jacksonville) map

Why the banks should be broken up (jax > Jacksonville) map

We can afford a universal basic income (jax > Jacksonville) map

Does capitalism mandate a basic income ? (jax > Jacksonville) map

Let's expand employee ownership (jax > Jacksonville) map

Black racist obama type hits white man in head w/rock (dab > democrat party racebaiting) map

A Message to Cara Jennings map

petition to stop bass thugs (gnv > all over Florida) map

Black obama supporter/rapper says,sarah palin needs 2 b raped by gang (dab > no problem, blacks can say anything) map

Bernie Sanders on Democratic Socialism (jax > Jacksonville) map

Whats the difference between Hillary Clinton & a bucket of shit? (dab > The bucket.) map

Cell Phone Trouble (oca > Nationwide) map

Basic U.S. income guarantee (jax > Jacksonville) map

Robert Reich Explains Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) (jax > Jacksonville) map

Send In the GOP Clowns (dab > Volusia) pic map

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