favoritar anúncio BIG moving truck from Miami to Boston/NYC and back to Miami (I-95 North and South) ocultar anúncio exibir

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We are professional movers who have plenty of room on our 26ft moving truck to deliver anything for 40% OFF the normal shipping cost to or from NYC, DC, Tampa, Jacksonville, Boston, Miami, Orlando, Richmond VA, Philly, MA, RI. since we are already making this trip, we are just trying to fill up our truck. Give John a call or text. Sorry, no riders (too many bad experiences with nutjobs) Cargo only. Free insurance. We have hundreds of great references.
Pets, antiques, furniture, car parts, boxes, motorcycles, tools ALL OK
Veteran owned and operated small business with 100s of online customer reviews
Better business approved
WE make this trip every month.

Location: I95 North and South ( we do also go off this route for deliveries that are viable econ wise)
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